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Why choose Unitrex?

Unitrex is a partner you can rely on. We provide services to help your product development cycle.
We give you peace of mind knowing your products are manufactured at the highest quality and with the right partners.
We gave industry leading equipment paired with knowledgable experts gives Unitrex the tools to streamline product lifecycles with manufacturing solutions.

Create your impact.

Our In-House Capabilities

  • Contract Manufacturing & Filling

    With mutiple state-of-the-art filling, packaging, and labeling machines in our Cleveland facility, Unitrex is well equiped to help with your next liquid project. Production capabilities of 100,000+ units per week with fast turn around times.
  • Wholesale & Bulk Distribution

    Take advantage our incredible manufacturer relationships and have access to a wide range to raw materials to optimize your supply chain. We offer a number of essential oils, packaging, and other raw materials. Our products are quality checked and tested in order for you know you are receiving 100% pure oils and quality goods.
  • Proven Experience & Knowledge

    Unitrex has succuessfully worked with many retailers and manufacturers, big and small, so we can know what it takes to drive productivity, effeciency, and quality.

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